Over the past few months, some antibody treatments which are part of Biologics, along with other treatments, are being looked at as potential cure for the corona virus. Register here for this Availability of and Accessibility to Biologics webinar by PHM India.

Key Information:

Date: Aug 5, 2020 07:00 PM (India Time)

Organizer: People’s Health Movement

Entry: Free

Apart from Covid19, Biologics including monoclonal antibodies have also been known to target diseases which, hitherto, had very limited or no available treatment options.However, one of the major constraints in their accessibility has been their high costs.

This webinar discusses the scope and status of biologics in the ongoing Covid19 response and beyond it. The discussion would touch upon such aspects as manufacturing, regulation and intellectual property which need to be addressed to make biologics accessible and affordable.

COVID-19, Mental Health and Health Workforce: Challenges and way forward


Prof. Dr. H. (Huub) Schellekens

Professor of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at Utrecht University

Chetali Rao

Lawyer specializing in Patent, Access to Medicines and Health issues.


People’s Health Movement (PHM)
Third World Network (TWN)

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