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Updated immunization schedule of Nepal 2020

National Immunization Schedule: Nepal

We have brought you a comprehensive National Immunization Schedule of National Immunization Program in Nepal. This is the updated and latest immunization schedule of Nepal. Along with this, we will share details of each...
Nutrition during pregnancy

Top 10 Foods to eat during pregnancy

Today we will be sharing top and best foods every women must take during pregnancy to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy, which is extremely important. During this period, your body needs additional nutrients, vitamins...
Weight loss

Top 5 herbal drinks to get rid of belly fat

Weight loss is never easy. The more you are trying , the more disillusioned you get. With the proper diet and exercise, you'll still lose the specified amount of weight. But it's all diligence...

Nepal Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2019 : Key Findings

NMICS 2019 provides valuable information and the latest evidence on the situation of children and women in Nepal. It provides about 30 Sustainable Development Goals indicators (SDGIs).  The survey provides the disaggregated data by province, sex and other characteristics.
Herd immunity and covid-19. Vaccine or herd immunity? What will protect us

Herd Immunity and COVID-19

Taking the estimate of 70% threshold, over 20 million population in Nepal should get infected at least once to achieve herd immunity.
Girl in quarantine amid COVID-19

COVID-19, Mental Health and Health Workforce: Challenges and way forward

It's helpful for people to think about the mental health impacts of the pandemic in two ways. In this article we will discuss on COVID-19, Mental Health Issues and Health Workforce.
Expensive Health system

Why healthcare is so costly?

Healthcare is different than a number of the opposite markets. If you’re having a heart attack, you’re not going to shop around for the hospital with the best prices. So why are healthcare so expensive?

Basics of EpiData | Overview, create entry form, validate and data entry

In this video, we'll cover all the basics of EpiData, download and install, basic settings, form development and data entry and data export, needful for any beginner. The video is in Nepali language but...
Advancing professional development through cpe

Advancing Professional Development through CPE in Public Health

Advancing Professional Development through CPE in Public Health, aids researchers in designing an evaluation study in CPE.

Individual Consultancy- National Monitoring for COVID-19 Response: Unicef

Unicef Consultancy covid-19| Location: Nepal | University degree | Categories: Monitoring and Evaluation, Consultancy | Deadline: 25 Jun 2020 11:55 PM NST