This code of ethics was enacted on 1st of Bhadra, 2061 (BS) based on Nepal Health Professional Council Act 2053 BS. The one who is registered at the council must follow this General Code of Ethics for Health Professionals.

General Code of Ethics

After the enaction of this General Code of Ethics, unregistered (individual) will not be able to carry out any health profession directly or indirectly.  Registered health professional should follow the following general code of ethics.

  1. Health professionals should never do anything in oppose to common moral values.
  2. One health professional should show appropriate respect to the other health professional(s).
  3. Health professional should keep the up to date record of his/her patient/client finely. And that record should be provided to concerned authority (institution or individual) upon request.
  4. Health professional should serve helpless, disable, poor and vulnerable patient under priority at discount rate.
  5. Health professional should perform his/her profession honestly in disciplined way.
  6. Health professional should do courteous behavior with persons whoever comes in his/her contact for professional works.
  7. Health professional should not discriminate anybody based on his/her religion, caste/ ethnicity, gender, social status, political beliefs, pressure, temptation, or any basis while using their professional knowledge and skills.
  8. The health practitioner should work, consult or recommend within the field related to the subject or knowledge he / she has acquired, the prescribed level and skill. Recommendations should be made to an expert who has acquired knowledge and skills in the subject matter and does not fall within his / her area of responsibility.
  9. Health professionals should not engage in any kind of improper activity to gain any kind of unfair financial gain other than the remuneration allowance and other benefits by publicizing the professional business or should not do any unfair activity that would affect health profession.
  10. Health professional should not use/ consume organization’s/ institution’s money, assets, for personal use.
  11. Health professionals should not write or print un-associated posts or status while doing professions.
  12. Information about one’s personal life or health should not be expressed anywhere except in cases where one must tell someone according to the prevailing law.
  13. The health professional should not contract or bid with the patient for diagnosis and treatment on the basis that the patient’s disease can or cannot be cured.
Note: If there is any doubt about the authenticity and conduct of a health professional, then any general public can contact this council.



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