Nepal Health Research Council has recently completed sixth National Summit of Health and Population Scientists of Nepal on 6th and 7th July, 2020. This is annual summit conducted by NHRC. Due to status quo created by COVID-19, this year summit was held online. Viewers were able to watch the summit on YouTube Live and Facebook. Here we are bringing you the declaration of the digital summit.


The declaration focus on involvement of all types of stakeholders individuals, civil societies, academia and even government from all level in promoting health research, particularly interdisciplinary and implementation research to generate evidence to inform policy through closer collaboration. They want to continue to invest in young researchers in building their capacity, and their focus is mainly at province level. Also, they focus on maximum utilization of digital technologies in research process. Importantly, the declaration focus on promotion of researches related to COVID-19.

Here is the declaration from the NHRC Digital summit as it is published on their website.

Effective and efficient public health care delivery is the skeleton of health system of the nation to deliver quality health care services to the Nepalese citizen. Amidst several other challenges that a country’s health system faces, COVID-19 pandemic that has adversely affected health and economy globally, also has further impacted the Nepalese health system. Evidence informed policy via health research in the local context is one of the strongest ways to support and maintain resilience of the country’s health system. Interdisciplinary research could be a milestone to address emerging public health issues. Neglecting implementation challenges cost lives and money are the crucial issues.

In this context; we all delegates, representing the Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal Health Research Council, professional councils and associations, academic institutions, bilateral and multilateral agencies, civil societies, non-government organizations, private sectors and individual scholars, collectively commit to the following declarations:

  1. Advancing interdisciplinary and implementation research in health with the involvement of federal, provincial and local government for contextually tailored evidence to inform policy.
  2. Continue to promote health research networking and alliances among academia, healthcare institutions, scholars and researchers with different stakeholders in National and International level.
  3. Facilitate to enhance knowledge and skills to conduct health research by young researchers and scientists by increasing capacity, building opportunities and availability of research grants especially for the provinces.
  4. Strengthen the mechanism to promote maximum use of digital technologies in research process including dissemination.
  5. Strengthen translation of locally generated evidence into policies and practice through closer collaboration with the policy makers.
  6. Promoting responsible conduct of health research in academic and non-academic research.
  7. Promote health research in COVID- 19 pandemic as per national guideline for strengthening evidence generation on COVID-19.

If you missed the Summit watch it here:

 Day 1

Day 2


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