Best way to type in Nepali (Unicode)


In this post we will cover Google Nepali Input tool (offline for windows), Google input web version, windows inbuilt feature and Unicode to Preeti converter and vice-versa. These are the best way for Nepali input (Unicode) available now.

1. Google Input Tool (Windows Offline)

This tool is for Nepali Typing with English Keyboard Just Like Nepali.

Step 1. Download this file. (

Step 2. After download this file install with double click .If permission required by user account please permit. Installer will run TWO time with green going strip. After installation on toolbar english and Nepali option displayed.

Step 3. Change language with Alt+Shift or by mouse (Windows 10 Windows key + spacebar). Now You can type Nepali with English Keyboard.

2. Google input web version

Step 1. Please visit

Step 2. You will find various options. In this post we will cover Chrome option.

Step 3. Download Official extension

Step 4. All done. Now while typing in Chrome, you can choose language (on top right among extensions) and start typing.

3. Windows inbuilt feature

For this we would suggest you to visit here.

4. Preeti to Unicode Coverter

If you are preeti user and want the test in Unicode, you can do that just with few clicks. There are web portal for that. Here are some popular preeti to unicode converter sites.



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