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Animal Source Foods (ASFs) and Child Nutrition in Bangladesh, Nepal and Uganda

Webinar: Animal Source Foods (ASFs) and Child Nutrition in Bangladesh, Nepal and Uganda

Animal sourced foods (ASFs) are nutrient dense foods that when consumed in small amounts provide quality protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and all nutrients critical for growth and development, particularly of infants and...

Webinar: Availability of and Accessibility to Biologics: Implications for Covid and beyond

Over the past few months, some antibody treatments which are part of Biologics, along with other treatments, are being looked at as potential cure for the corona virus. Register here for this Availability of...
Advocacy webinar

Webinar: Advocating at the subnational level during COVID-19

PATH's virtual learning series: Health Advocacy in the New Normal | Advocating at the subnational level during COVID-19 | August 06
World Nutrition Journal

Paper Writing Contest : World Nutrition

The World Public Health Nutrition Association (https://wphna.org/) is pleased to announce a paper writing contest for its journal World Nutrition (https://worldnutritionjournal.org/index.php/wn). Key Information: Deadline: February 10, 2021 Entry fee: Free Prize: 60-150 Euros (depending on...
Sixth NHRC Summit

Declaration of Sixth National Summit of Health and Population Scientists of Nepal

The declaration focus on involvement of all types of stakeholders individuals, civil societies, academia and even government from all level in promoting health research, particularly interdisciplinary and implementation research to generate evidence to inform policy through closer collaboration. They want to continue to invest in young researchers in building their capacity, and their focus is mainly at province level. Also, they focus on maximum utilization of digital technologies in research process. Importantly, the declaration focus on promotion of researches related to COVID-19.
Stomach pain due to gastrointestinal problems

Ultimate cure (Top 5 strategies) for Gastrointestinal problems

Here, we are with the ultimate cure, top five best strategies, for Gastrointestinal problems and the good thing is its less about taking ultra-precaution regarding foods.
Feed the Future Webinar on Market and Insfrastructure

Webinar- Markets and Infrastructure: The Roles of Market Access in Shaping Diets in Bangladesh,...

This upcoming webinar is co-hosted by Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition and USAID Advancing Nutrition. Designed to inform and engage stakeholders, this webinar is part of a series that will cover research...
Updated immunization schedule of Nepal 2020

National Immunization Schedule: Nepal

We have brought you a comprehensive National Immunization Schedule of National Immunization Program in Nepal. This is the updated and latest immunization schedule of Nepal. Along with this, we will share details of each...
Nutrition during pregnancy

Top 10 Foods to eat during pregnancy

Today we will be sharing top and best foods every women must take during pregnancy to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy, which is extremely important. During this period, your body needs additional nutrients, vitamins...
Weight loss

Top 5 herbal drinks to get rid of belly fat

Weight loss is never easy. The more you are trying , the more disillusioned you get. With the proper diet and exercise, you'll still lose the specified amount of weight. But it's all diligence...